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Fire Alarm Association

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To Become a Member:

1)       Go to

2)       Click on Join Us on the Title Bar:

3)       Once on Join AFAA web page, Click on Join AFAA Button which will direct you to the AFAA Membership Site.  Click on this site and follow the prompts for membership. 

4)       When asked if you will join a State Association, Local Chapter Membership Please indicate Yes and Select “Rocky Mountain”:

Membership Fees:

Rocky Mountain AFAA Fee: $30.00

AFAA Individual Membership Levels:

AFAA Active 1-year: $195.00 - All active individual memberships including those granted complementary as apart of a training program fee

AFAA Active 3-year: $525.00 - 3-year active individual membership. 10% discount over annual price 

AFAA AHJ: $25.00 - Includes all code officials responsible for code compliance or with AHJ discretionary powers in federal, state, or local government agencies

AFAA Student: $25.00 - Any full-time student enrolled in a high school, technical school, community college, or university in a certificate or degree program with an interest in AFAA

AFAA Government Employee: $75.00 - Includes non-AHJ Federal, State, and Local Agencies/Governments and Public and Private higher education (colleges and universities), K-12, and other similar institutions

AFAA International: $195.00 - Any active individual member located outside of the United States or its territories

AFAA & RMAFAA Membership Benefits

    • ·         
    • Subscription to the monthly member e-bulletin.
    • ·         Discounted RMAFAA membership lunch seminar fees*
    • ·         Holiday RMAFAA networking dinner*
    • ·         Discounts on local instructor-led training seminars*
    • ·         Discounts on online training and seminars.
    • ·         Discounts on ICC and NFPA publications and forms.
    • ·         Free recorded webinars.
    • ·         AFAA Buyer’s Guide increases visibility and creates business opportunities.
    • ·         AFAA provides technical assistance on interpretations of codes and standards.
    •     Membership to Rocky Mountain Automatic Fire Alarm Association*
    • ·         Access to RMAFAA Past Presentations*
    * RMAFAA Local Chapter Membership is in addition to AFAA Membership. Select Rocky Mountain AFAA Local Chapter Membership during signup.
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